A little cap for Legault

François Legault should make it a point to listen to the song again The little caps by Yves Duteil, on celebrity:

“We are so afraid of catching the big head

That, to realize it, we will all soon

Buy a little cap

And try it every night ”.

Go crazy

During his press conference the day after the federal elections, François Legault was full of praise … about himself.

You had to hear him list his own qualities and then say that is why people loved him so much.

We are far from François Legault who, in one of his first post-election interviews as Premier of Quebec, explained that he had insisted on the fact that his troops must, first and foremost, remain modest!

Hello modesty.

  • Listen to the Lisée-Mulcair meeting at the microphone of Richard Martineau on QUB Radio:

Our national leftist

That’s not all. François Legault decided that he was on the left! You can not make that up…

The same François Legault who reduced the taxes that rich owners had to pay for education, with the results we know.

The same François Legault who bitterly defended his blamed minister for having repeatedly violated the fundamental law which governs ethics in the National Assembly because, behold, there are not enough people rich in politics!

The same François Legault who denies the existence of systemic discrimination in Quebec, even when our own Rights Commission explains that there are 50% fewer minorities in the Quebec public service than in the population!

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Quite a leftist.

The meaning of words

“François Legauche” should take the time to learn a little about the meaning of the words.

He balances the word woke as if it was a magic spell. When asked what that means, his response is alarming. This term, coined on American campuses, would mean that we are against his vision of Quebec, of course. The fact that Mr. Legault can put himself at the center of everything and nothing speaks volumes.

It was Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who scored the most points this week (little secret: he is on the left, he …) when he suggested that it may be that Legault is starting to take a little little for the navel of Quebec.

Reality comes back at a gallop

We saw with Trudeau how isolation during the pandemic can completely unbalance the perception of politicians.

In light of his daily performance during this crisis, Trudeau was convinced that he had only to appear in front of the cameras, announce that he was calling an election and that his majority was guaranteed in advance.

He had forgotten that he had opponents and that the journalists were no longer there just to slavishly copy his announcement of the day.

Legault risks learning it the hard way, just like Trudeau.

Legault sits in the polls, but his main opponents, the PLQ and Quebec solidaire, are acting, offering and connecting more and more. If ever Yves-François Blanchet were invited to do the same makeover with the PQ he made with the Bloc, this party could perhaps be reborn from its ashes.

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In the meantime, an idea for a Christmas gift for Legault: a little blue cap with “MQGA” … Make Québec Great Again ! Like the other leftist, Trump.

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