A long, long time ago …


The small doors of the calendars remind us: in December, we wait. They punctuate the wait, to what extent? We really know, clearly, where this corridor of silence leads, this darkness of the short days and the covered skies, it is clear that they lead to the birth of the Savior, like the last four weeks of a pregnancy to a new love, a new miracle, a new miracle life? Christians, let's go to Christmas every year with confidence and concern. The trust of those who know that their existence on earth is not everything and the anxiety of the unknown. Like all the others, we must accept that we do not know what awaits us and even be wisely guided by the doors of the calendar, even when we are small in the face of the coming of Him who will change us forever. even while they are preparing for him something that can mean to him that we have recognized him, the fear is there.

The first part of the calendar that we have chosen together with the bookseller, the youngest son of my daughter and I, opened on a temple of light stones, behind which we can guess a landscape of the Middle East. "At that time, there had been a long, long time …", we read on the back of the shutter. I liked the formula. The repetition of "forte" gave it some importance and reminded me of the first sentence of the films Star Wars : "A long time ago in a galaxy very, very far …" So we entered the Advent with a wonderfully bizarre vocabulary (which he says today a lot of timerather than very long?), evoking an inaccessible past but present as the night of time. A past of interrogators that we examine carefully, listening to what it has to say, just as we dive into the eyes in the horizon to recognize, if possible, in the future the point in which to walk.

The violence that last day, last Saturday, I could not help watching television, physically trembling with pain and fear, could start again this weekend. What happens to us is different than anything we have ever known. I remembered here, only two weeks ago ( The cross November 24-25), a strike of large and long truck drivers in 1992, which did not lack common ground with the movement of "yellow jackets" (1), but this rapprochement is obsolete. Last week I made a non-exhaustive list of everything that, on a normal day, had given me reason to believe in our society and to improve it by conserving it. But this week, unaware of what the reserve for us on Saturday, I feel deprived of ammunition. What is expressed now is a feeling of unbearable rupture, on which they have not taken either those who are the prey nor those who are accused of provoking it. What is expressed is not or is no longer required, it is simply anger, in short.

In difficult moments like those that we all go through, we feel deeply in our hearts that believers are waiting for something else. Other than anger and other than condemnation, it is obvious. But also in addition to understanding everything, in a kind of unconscious understanding, which would automatically include everything that is human. Distinguish between sympathizers and villains, between right and less righteous reasons, as if we were qualified for such classification? Is not anger, however, anger?

"It's been a long, long time …"these questions have already arisen. So that we are no longer alone when they ask us, God has sent us his son. Sometimes we forget it, I often forget it. Especially in front of the television, when I tremble when I see my compatriots launching one against the other, in my beautiful city and in every other place in my dear country! Today, the chapter reminds us that Joseph, his wife and their son had to return to Bethlehem to register. The danger was lurking in the rage that reigned. Yet the shutters of every window had to be opened one by one, never the time was compressible. We accept that today as yesterday we do not understand everything, and especially that concern also fuels trust.

Genevieve Jurgensen


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