A look at what Canadian airlines are doing with their Boeing 737 MAX 8 – National fleets


MONTREAL – The two largest Canadian airlines are adopting different points to stow their Boeing 737 MAX 8 while grounding the aircraft continues to cause turbulence in the flight sector.

Air Canada says it is mulling by banishing its two dozen MAX 8s in the desert, where hot, dry conditions keep the corrosion of rain, snow, sleet and ice at bay.

Air Canada connects Boeing 737 MAX until January 2020

Most of the North American desert storage areas are located in the southern United States, based in Southwest Airlines Co., in Dallas, ransacked its 34 Max in the Mojave desert in California.

WestJet Airlines Ltd. says it has no plans to park its 13 MAX 8 – which it canceled from its schedule until November – south of the border. The planes languish in its Canadian hangars, where they receive regular maintenance checks and run the engines once a week.

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The emergency agreement adds another wrinkle to the plans of the airlines swept away by the grounding of the MAX 8, caused by two accidents in October and March that killed 346 people, including 18 Canadians.

The man from Toronto, who lost his family during the Boeing accident, doubts that he will see a share of $ 50 million in funds

Calin Rovinescu, CEO of Air Canada, said last month that he will "sharply" experience this summer, as his passenger capacity decreases and costs for the installation of fuel-efficient replacement aircraft.

WestJet chief executive Ed Sims told The Canadian Press in a recent interview that the loss of the narrow-line jet had a "significant negative impact" on the airline, forcing the airline to cut its routes and increase fuel costs.

Sunwing Airlines Inc., which has four MAX 8s, declared Thursday the absence – which will continue at least until mid-May 2020 – forced it to cancel or change flights for passengers "and may have caused them an inconvenience "after the airline contracted third-party carriers.



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