A lot of precipitation in Trøndelag leads to landslides, closed roads and basements full of water – NRK Trøndelag

– There will be extensive work to sort things out again. The contractor is probably full of work today and tonight. Maybe longer, says construction manager in Trøndelag county municipality, Marit Børø.

She stands between Storås and Garberg on county road 65 in Orkland municipality.

On one side of the road where she stands, a flooded stream has washed away large parts of the driveway to a home.

On the other side of the road, the water has dug away large parts of the roadside. It is as far as the crash barrier does not hang in the loose air.

WASHED AWAY: Due to a gutter that is unable to remove the water, the stream has found new ways.

Photo: John J. Storholt

There have also been landslides in several places along this road as a result of heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours.

And this is not the only road affected.

Several roads closed

Since Tuesday night, there has been a chaotic situation on the roads in parts of Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal.

On Wednesday morning, the following roads are closed:

  • The E6 Stavsjø tunnel between Trondheim and Stjørdal is closed due to a lot of water in the roadway. The road was closed just before midnight, and it may take time for the road to open.
  • County road 714 between Stokkhaugan and Gjønnessætra in Orkland is closed. Here, parts of the road have been washed away by masses of water, and the ground is collapsing.
  • Fylkesvei 6710 by Lomundsjøen is also closed due to flooding.
  • Fylkesvei 6722 Kolvika in Selbu is closed, due to landslides.
  • Fylkesvei 72 Kleivklompen in Verdal is closed due to landslides and the danger of rockfall.
  • Municipal road 1165 in Kvernhusdalen in Indre Fosen is closed due to landslides.
  • Fylkesvei 6150 in Surnadal in Møre og Romsdal is also closed due to flooding.

The landslide that closes county road 65 between Storås and Laksøybygdveien in Orkland municipality, also called Storåsbakkan

JORDRAS: Fylkesvei 65 between Storås and Laksøybygdvegen in Orkland municipality, also called Storåsbakken, was closed on Tuesday night.

Photo: John J. Storholt

Fylkesvei 65, where construction manager Marit Børø is located, was also closed until 02.20 on Wednesday night.

By then, contractors had managed to clean up trees that landslides had taken out into the roadway, and in addition, the water diverted from the stream down into the ditch and a manhole.

– They prevented the road from being destroyed, but it will be a big job to get the landfill fixed outside and the landfill inside, says Børø.

Construction manager in Trøndelag county municipality, Marit Børø and geotechnician Olga Lepkovski.

CLEAN-UP: Construction manager Marit Børø together with geotechnician Olga Lepkovski are in place on county road 65, to assess the damage.

Photo: John J. Storholt

Road must be dug up

Also on county road 714 between Stokkhaugan and Gjønnessætra in Orkland, the contractor is full.

Here, too, a stream has gone over its banks and washed away parts of the road around a gutter. The ground is washed away under the road.

According to newspaper Hitra-Frøya on Wednesday morning there was little or nothing that supported the asphalt anymore.

The contractor is now working on digging up the road and laying a new and larger gutter.

There is a detour via Kyrksæterøra, but not for vehicles over 11 meters in length. This means, among other things, that lorries with salmon from Hitra and Frøya have to wait indefinitely.

Closed county road 714

GUTTER: This is the reason why county road 714 is closed. It is feared that the whole road will erupt.

Photo: Morten Karlsen / NRK

Also on county road 10 Lensvik and on county road 6652 Byneset there was a landslide on Tuesday night. On both of these roads it is possible to pass.

Earlier Tuesday night, a landslide was also reported over the Nordlandsbanen, which was closed after a train ran in and through a landslide between Skatval in Stjørdal and Åsen in Levanger.

Water in basements

The heavy rain has led to new precipitation records being set in several places in Trøndelag.

At Voll in Trondheim, it has not rained so much since 1956.

And in Trondheim, the water has also created problems.

Vikeelva went over its banks in Ranheimsfjæra on Tuesday night and several roads were also flooded.

In addition, there have been reports of flooding in a number of basements.

Vikelva over its banks down in Ranheimsfjæra.

NEW ROADS: The Vikelva crossed its banks in Ranheimsfjæra in Trondheim.

Photo: Bertil Lernæs

Siri Slettås, who is the general manager of Slettås Vann- og Avløpsteknikk, estimates that they have had over 40 calls between 15.30 on Tuesday and 05.30 on Wednesday. And on Wednesday morning, the messages continue to flow in.

She describes the last 24 hours as violent.

– It has been chaotic and I do not really have an overview of how many inquiries there have been, says Slettås.

– Since we started in 2014, I have never experienced a similar day.

Slettås is set on the whole day, and maybe more, going to clean up.

Enormous amounts of water have also been reported in Trondheim’s neighboring municipality, Malvik.

Coop extra in Vikhammer in Malvik flooded.

Lots of water around extra Vikhammer in Malvik in Trøndelag. Fire crews were around 01.00 last night in action in the area.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK

High water flow in rivers on Nordmøre

In Surnadal on Nordmøre, the river Surna almost reached the levels of a 50-year flood during the night, with 587 cubic meters of water per second. This river is considered flood-sized at around 200.

– It’s quite dramatic. It’s extra challenging when it’s night. Then it is unclear what the scope is, says emergency manager in the municipality, Håvard Stensønes.

In the river Bøvra in Bøverdalen, the water has also been high.

The waterworks has been shut down, and people have to boil their drinking water as the water quality is uncertain. Several houses have had water in the basement.

Fylkesveg 6150 by Krangnes in Surnadalen was consequently closed due to large amounts of water.

flood surnadal

Flood in Surnadal.

Photo: Eirik Haukenes / NRK

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