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In January last year, 38.3 million fibers of tobacco products for sale were sold, and in August this year, almost four times that, 144.3 million fibers – writes a 24.hu.

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Since January 2020, the monthly sales of tobacco products for heating in Hungary have quadrupled, according to Nemzeti Doh√°nykereskedelmi Nzrt. from your data. According to statistics requested by the portal, the number of devices sold for heating is also increasing month by month, while the market for traditional cigarettes is shrinking.

The new technology has been known since the mid-2010s, exploded in Hungary in 2018-2019, and according to statistics, its popularity has been soaring ever since. Nemzeti Doh√°nykereskedelmi Nzrt. It can be seen from the data that while in January last year 38.3 million tobacco products for heating were sold, in August 2021 it was almost four times that, 144.3 million fibers. The increase is therefore spectacular and noticeable on an annual basis, the paper writes, as a total of 802 million tobacco products were sold for heating in 2020 than in July 2021 (804 million fibers), ie in just over half a year. .

As for the cigarette in the traditional sense, the sales trend is clearly declining. And this decline affects both classic, boxed cigarettes as well as twisting and filling. So if this trend continues, the proportion of consumers of heated tobacco products may catch up with that of cigarettes within a few years, they write.

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