a magic wand for makeup


Procter & Gamble presented at CES a thermal inkjet facial printer that applies a serum to accurately make up freckles, sunspots and moles.

the makeup maybe brushes and other sponge foundations will happen in the future. In any case, this is the vision of Procter & Gamble with its concept of electronic makeup bag. Presented a Consumer Electronics Show 2019, theOpté Precision Skincare System look in its design to an epilator or an electric razor. Once passed on the face, it will scan the skin and correct the hyperpigmentation by applying the makeup serum to hide freckles, sun and moles.

The device contains a concentration of technology. First, the blue LED lights sweep the skin and increase the contrast to detect faded spots that are not yet visible. This lighting allows the integrated camera to acquire up to three times more pigmentation than the human eye, says Procter & Gamble. This last film the skin at 200 frames per second.

120 nozzles, each finer than a human hair

Thus, an algorithm processes this information to determine the size, shape and intensity of each point of the skin. Finally, a microinkjet printer Each nozzle, which is 120 feet thicker than a human hair, deposits 1000 drops of optimizing whey picolito (one billionth of a liter) on each point of the skin for precise coverage.

The makeup serum consists of three ingredients: mineral pigments, lightening ingredients for the skin and moisturizers. The idea of ​​the system is to avoid having to cover the entire face with cream or makeup, while only some very localized areas need it. Procter & Gamble says he has spent several years developing this device for which he holds 40 patents. Its marketing is not yet relevant.

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