A major change in the design of the iPhone 15

The American giant “Apple” is working secretly to make a major change in the design of the “iPhone 15”, which is scheduled to be launched next September of 2023.

Leaks have stated that Apple is working to replace the volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro. To be replaced by touch and vibration buttons, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

“The biggest change in the new iPhone models next year is the removal of the buttons,” Barclays Research analysts wrote, explaining that a new chip could be added to the “iPhone” to manage these tactile buttons.

This news comes, in the wake of a previous claim by the famous analyst TF Securities Ming-Chi Kuo last October, he said that we will see in the iPhone 15 Pro touch buttons for the volume in addition to the power button.

Tactile buttons can improve water resistance and reduce device wear by reducing moving parts.

And it seems unlikely that the change will come to the regular iPhone 15 models.

It will only be available on the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro devices, according to the insiders.

The source highlighted that it is only about leaks, and “Apple” did not confirm or deny this information.

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