A major cyber attack on the US could lead to a real war / Article

US President Joe Biden has warned that a major cyber attack on the US could lead to a real war. Biden noted the growing number of cyber-attacks against public authorities and the private sector by US officials in Russia and China.

Biden has also accused Russia of interfering in next year’s US parliamentary elections and spreading disinformation.

White House owner Joe Biden told U.S. intelligence officials that if the United States got into a real war with a superpower, it would more than likely be due to a major cyber attack. According to him, the cyber capabilities of opponents are currently growing exponentially.

After several attacks the issue of cybersecurity is at the top of the Baiden administration agenda.

The media reports that the Baiden administration supports a proposal to Congress to pass a law requiring companies to report major hacker attacks, which are increasingly targeting U.S. infrastructure.

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