News A man attacks with a machete a couple upset...

A man attacks with a machete a couple upset by the pandemic

Nashville – A Nashville couple were in critical condition Monday after being attacked with a machete by a man upset by the closure of businesses during the new coronavirus pandemic, police said.

Kelvin D. Edwards attacked Kevin Craft, 55, and his wife, Leanne Craft, 50, on Sunday night in the facilities of public stores, the Police Department of the Nashville metropolitan area said in a statement.

Edwards unsheathed the machete at the facility and continued to assault the couple even as they were both bleeding on the floor, according to police. The victims were transferred to a hospital after officers who arrived at the scene applied various tourniquets to control bleeding.

The police explained that found Edwards, 35, with his hands up in surrender on the street outside the business three minutes after authorities received an emergency call for the attack.

Investigators said that Edwards, who is homeless, told them that he attacked the couple to express anger at the measures to contain the coronavirus and his inability to enter the Rescue Mission, an organization that cares for the homeless. According to its website, this organization’s Nashville facility has remained open to house people stranded during the pandemic.



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