A man is arrested in Valladolid for holding his 94-year-old mother in unhealthy conditions for more than 3 years

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Agents of the National Police of Valladolid have been arrested in the neighborhood of The delights from the Valladolid capital to a man who for 40 months has kept his 94-year-old mother locked in a room, who was found in unsanitary conditions.

According to sources from the Government Subdelegationthe arrest occurred this Sunday after receiving a notice from a neighbor, who warned of a loud argument between a mother and a son in which blows could be heard.

The agents immediately arrived at the scene, where they found an elderly woman who told the police that her son had kept her locked up for some time. 40 monthsin a room without even going out to go to the bathroom, plus I was afraid of him.

The arguments, as explained by the elderly woman and the neighbors of the house, were common, although on Sunday the son threw the woman onto the bed and grabbed her tightly by the neck when the mother did not provide him with bank details.

After verifying the unsanitary state of the house, the agents asked the health services to transfer the woman to the University Clinical Hospital For your attention.

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