A man shot his brother while he was fighting over a tupper


The fight of two brothers for a Tupper He climbed up to the shots. In Arizona, in the United States, a 44-year-old man shot his brother, 46, after a discussion by the award-winning Tupper.

Local authorities have reported that John Murillo He fired at his big brother several times, Anthony, after he has accused him of stealing his tupper.

when Anthony He returned home, knocked on the door of the room John confront it It was at that moment that his younger brother shot him through the door.

wounded, Anthony He called the police and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The police said this John He escaped from the scene, but was later seen to come out of the house slowly.

Reportedly, he stopped and asked the officers if his older brother was fine. "I was slamming the door," he said. John to the police "I did not know what to do".

The officers arrested him and took him to a prison in Maricopa County, where he is being held on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misconduct and unlawful firearm discharge .

John Murillo You could be free if you pay a $ 20,000 bond.


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