A man who mistreated his partner in Cáceres is arrested hidden between blankets in a closet

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The Cáceres Civil Guard has arrested a man for a crime of gender violence, in application of the police protocol for the protection of victims of this type of crime in a situation of vulnerability, called ‘Protocol Zero’. The agents, with a court order, alerted by the neighbors, entered the interior of the house, although the woman assured that her alleged attacker was not inside the house, and they found him in a closet hidden between blanketswhen he was arrested.

The events took place in a town in the province of Cáceres, when a woman -with a blow to the eye- was wandering the streets, along with a minor child, loaded with a suitcase. According to a statement from the Benemérita, a patrol immediately went to the place to clarify the facts. However, the woman had already entered the house where she lives with her son, her boyfriend and other people who share the house.

The agents began an investigation, managing to obtain the testimony of several neighbors who agreed that the woman she had been assaulted on previous occasions by her partner, providing clear indications about the physical appearance of the alleged aggressor. Once at the home, the agents’ attempts to meet with the woman in person were in vain, as the victim refused at all times to open the door, limiting herself to talking to them through a window.

From the first moment The woman denied any aggression by her partner, and even stated that the man was not in the town. Suspecting that the attacker could be inside the house, the Civil Guard established a security device with agents stationed at the door of the home.

With prior judicial authorization, several agents of the Cáceres Civil Guard Company entered the house and, after securing the woman and child, searched all the rooms in the house. The alleged abuser was hidden inside a closet, totally camouflaged between blankets.

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