a Mario Kart race in Paris, it's early!


All the fans have dreamed of all this, enter a go-kart and get a full-scale race of Mario Kart! Know that some have done and you could have the chance to do it too, if you get a place among the 600 available to run a Mario Kart race in the heart of Paris … Mushroom Rally Karting !

Mushroom Rally Karting : a Mario Kart race in Paris … that's where it goes!

Several countries already offer this type of event in the Nintendo world. There are indeed similar breeds in Japan for example (as can be seen in the video at the end of the article) or in the United States (Los Angeles, Boston, Houston or Miami). To date, there was only one stop in Europe, in the city of London, but soon the event will be organized in Paris. You can register with competitors on the FeverUp.com website …

Put your best dress Mario, Luigi or Yoshi and start the Mushroom Rally Karting, this is the name of the race! On the FeverUp website you can read: " What we offer you: A participation in the Mushroom Rally Karting, the kart in costume inspired by the videogame Mario Kart Register on the list below and you will be the first to be informed as soon as the tickets are on sale! "…

… and then: «What is waiting for you: Ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of your favorite video game characters? Wear your clothes and get ready to vibrate at full speed at Mushroom Rally Karting! Take part in a life-size experience collecting a maximum of stars and above all pay attention to banana peels. On your signs, ready, go! ".

You are warned!


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