A Marvel character will be revealed as gay in a future film


It has long been rumored that an LGBTQIA + character will be presented at Marvel Cinematic Universe but now the Russo brothers They are kidding that a character we already know will soon be revealed as gay.

filmmakers Joe is Anthony Russo say Weekly entertainment that in an outgoing movie one of our favorite characters will be released.

The subject emerged when the brothers were asked about the part where Joe played Avengers: Endgame as a pained man in a therapy session that was meant to show how members of the public are dealing with the loss of loved ones after Snap of Thanos.

The character of Joe reveals that he made an appointment for the first time after decimation, and describes the dinner a bit grim with the other man, who is still in mourning.

"It was an integral scene to show how the world was reacting to what happened at the end of endless war, " Joe said.

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The interviewer then asked to clarify if he was really the first gay character in a Marvel movie, which is what they revealed.

"Yes, openly gay," Joe pointed out. "There have been insinuations about the sexuality of the other characters, but this is the first openly gay character."

"Who else is gay?" The interviewer pressed, to which Joe replied, "We'll find out!"

"This is a story for another day" Anthony added.

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Last summer, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige they said that two openly gay characters would be revealed: "Both you saw and those you didn't see."

If the character of Joe Russo is the one we had never seen before, it means that there is another one yet to come.

"C & # 39; is a gay character coming to one of their films, and I think Kevin will make this announcement, I'm sure very soon," Joe said.

After the exciting announcement, punters are already suggesting who they hope the gay character will be.


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