A member of the Air Force asks his girlfriend to marry him before the October 12 parade

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A member of the Air Force he asked his girlfriend to marry him before the parade held in Madrid on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Day, on his knees, with a ring and surrounded by companions who They have juggled their rifles and they have encouraged the young woman to accept the proposal shouting “say yes.”

This marriage proposal has been one of the anecdotes of the military parade of October 12, which has started on the Paseo del Prado in Madrid, at the height of the main entrance of the Botanical Garden, and has ended its journey in the Plaza de Colón.

Shortly before starting, the young man from the Air Force knelt on the ground surrounded by his companions,some of them standing and others kneelinglike the groom, and juggling their rifles.

A young woman has made her way between them and has headed towards her partner, whoand has given a ring to ask him to marry her while his companions encouraged the girl to accept the proposal by shouting “say yes”, banging their rifles on the ground.

The couple kissed and hugged standing amidst the applause and cheers of the military and from the audiencesome of whom have captured the scene with their mobile phones.

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