A member of the RFU ethics committee evaluated the work of the extremely low referee in the match between CSKA and Sochi


The match between the CSKA and Sochi / Foto teams: © Oleg Bukharev / Match TV

RFU Ethics Committee member Andrei Sozin commented on the actions of referee Vitaly Meshkov in the 5th round of the RPL match between CSKA and Sochi.

– C & # 39; was a bit of horror in the CSKA game, not the arbitration. He does not even give the yellow for a jump to the back legs, and then Oblyakov shows the card out of the blue: what is it? The moment with Chalov is a clear game in Fedor's nose. Yes, the referee was able to observe the moment, but then he looked up, saw that there was no living place on him or Fedor fell like that?

If Chalov is covered in blood in the penalty area, he was injured in some way. And Meshkov is close and sees nothing, although it is perfectly clear that the nose is broken. At such times, you realize that VAR would save everyone.

It is unlikely that Meshkov is biased against CSKA or sympathizes with Sochi, but it is difficult to find words for such glaring mistakes. I am 99% sure that at the first meeting of KDK Miladinovich they will disqualify at least three games. Meshkova is temporarily deprived of the opportunity to judge, "the official said.

Recall, the "Sochi" defender Ivan Miladinovich in his penalty shot with his elbow on the face of the Fedor Chalov army striker. As a result, the attacker had a broken nose, but referee Vitaly Meshkov did not nominate a penalty

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