A meter of Linky involved in a new fire in Loiret

A similar incident involving a Linky occurred a month ago in the same city.

A meter of Linky, installed outside a butcher shop in Châlette-sur-Loing (Loiret), caused a fire without causing injury, a month after a similar incident involving a Linky in the same city. The Counter-Reformation took place on Friday November 9th at noon, according to firefighters and police, confirming the information from the Central Republic.

"The origin of the fire would be accidental", a police source told AFP. The owner of the premises of the "Boucherie du Center" he indicated his intention to complain against Enedis. His new meter was installed three months ago, in his absence. The videos made by the witnesses show the smoke counter. We see that the fire starts with a crackling, then a black smoke and finally flames.

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Second incident

This is the second time in less than a month that a Linky counter is involved in a fire in this city of about 13,000. On October 13, a counter placed in a pavilion for fifteen days had "Exploded", according to the words of its owner. The pavilion had been badly damaged and its two inhabitants, a retired couple, were evacuated.

Contacted Saturday by AFP, Enedis was not reachable immediately.

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