A minister suspended in Israel after saying that one of the options could be a nuclear attack on Gaza

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended “until further notice” the participation of Minister Amijai Eliyahu in Government meetings after he said that one of the possibilities in the war against the fundamentalist group Hamas could be the launching of an atomic bomb in the Gaza Strip.

Eliyahu’s subsequent clarification (“it was a phrase said metaphorically”) and the fact that he is in charge of an invented ministry called “Legacy” or “Heritage (product of coalition agreements with the Likud after the elections a year ago) ) and without any influence on the general management of the Government and of the war in particular, it has not reduced the hello of reviews Israel demanding that Netanyahu not only disavow his words but also remove him immediately.

The controversy arose this Sunday in an interview conducted on the radio Col. BeRama. Eliyahu, que forma parte de un far-right party, showed his opposition to the decision of the Israeli Government to allow the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza controlled by Hamas: “We would not have introduced humanitarian aid to the Nazis.” “So what, drop an atomic bomb on the Gaza Strip and that’s it?” he asked. “It’s one of the options,” he replied.

Beyond break Israel’s policy of ambiguity about membership or not in the club of nuclear powers and not taking into account the consequences for the Palestinian inhabitants in the Gaza Strip and the Israelis in its surroundings, Eliyahu downplayed what could happen in such a case to the 241 people in the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad after their kidnapping 30 years ago. days. Eliyahu said that the fundamentalist group must be forced to release them but asked why their lives are more important than those of the soldiers and added: “I pray and hope that they return healthy but there are prices to pay in war.”

Netanyahu denounces that Eliyahu’s words “are disconnected from reality” and adds that its Army “operates in accordance with the highest standards of International Law to avoid harming innocent people. We will continue to do so until our victory.” “I condemn the baseless and irresponsible words of Minister Eliyahu,” wrote Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on the X network, highlighting that “it is good” that Israel’s security is not in the hands of the radical politician.

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