Health a more marked drop in resuscitation cases in 24...

a more marked drop in resuscitation cases in 24 hours

The region has registered four more deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the latest ARS report. The epidemic continues to progress with nine new confirmed cases of coronavirus on the regional territory, bringing the total to 4,877 since the start of the epidemic. There is also a more marked drop in hospitalizations and in particular in intensive care cases.

In the hospital

– 458 people are currently hospitalized (- 29 compared to the previous day)

– 75 people are currently in intensive care or intensive care (- 9 compared to the previous day)

– 1,677 people have been cured out of the hospital since the start of the epidemic (+ 24 compared to the previous day)

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the region deplores 362 deaths among hospitalized people (+ 4 compared to the previous day)

In the Ehpad

As of May 12, 130 Ehpad are currently affected by a confirmed or suspect Covid-19 situation among residents or staff, or 14.5% of establishments in the region.

No deaths have been recorded within the establishments in 24 hours, the total remains at 125 deaths in the nursing homes of New Aquitaine since the beginning of the epidemic.

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