A mother and four children died under the ruined wall. She was torn down by a gang of furious monkeys

The death of a mother and her four children was the 50th incident in which the ubiquitous macaques played a role. The local portal Times of India informed about the tragedy.

According to Indian authorities, the wall collapsed on the sleeping family after the monkeys began to touch it. Under their furious onslaught, the bricks slackened and covered the courtyard.

The reason why the family chose the space in front of it instead of the safety of the house was the extremely high night temperatures. Because of them, the stay in the house became unbearable. Falling bricks also injured several other family members.

According to Indian police, a mother and children died on the spot. Yogi Adityanath, who is the head of state of Uttar Pradesh, where the family lives, has promised to help. He wants to contribute about 400,000 rupees to the survivors, ie about 4,600 euros.

Overpopulated monkeys, rhesus macaques, are also terrorizing the Indian capital Delhi. He is said to attack people who rob them of food in large groups. According to information from local authorities, they do not disdain mobile phones and are not afraid to visit local houses.


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