A mythical number that Messi has lost every day since the end of his contract with Barcelona

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi, is spending his time as a free player without any team for the first time since the beginning of his professional career.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired on June 30, and he has not officially renewed it yet due to some procedures.

Barcelona needs to get rid of the financial deficit of about 200 million euros to be able to renew the player’s contract and settle the controversy before this file in full.

The French newspaper “L’Equipe” revealed the financial losses that Messi has suffered since the beginning of July 1, due to the lack of any financial commitments from Barcelona towards him.

And it calculated Messi’s salary, which gets a total of 138.90 million euros per season, including bonuses and everything, what he would have received daily.

She explained that Messi wastes 100,000 euros on him, every day that passes without being linked to Barcelona, ​​according to his previous contract.

Speculations about the fate of the 34-year-old are set to continue in the coming weeks, waiting for Barcelona President Joan Laporta to resolve the crisis.

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In the event that he is not able to renew Messi, the player may go to some other options, the most important of which are Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.


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