A NASA experiment caused unusual lights in the sky


The US space agency (NASA) conducted a special experiment that surprised the inhabitants of Norway with a strange phenomenon in the sky.

And, as part of the AZURE projectNASA launched two geophysical rockets at a height of 155 miles, loaded with trimethylaluminum, barium and strontium particles, allowing scientists to investigate their behavior in the ionosphere, ie where the auroras occur, as published SpaceWeather.com.

The rockets were launched from the Andoy space center in Norway, e have created a spectacular image of the Northern Lights when the particles were released.

Normally, the impact of these charged particles originating mainly from the solar wind is what generates the northern lights. What did the NASA He had to accelerate this process by spreading a cloud of these compounds.

In the process they generate colored clouds that allow physicists to analyze the flow of charged particles that form auroras.

The data obtained will let you know in depth how the northern lights are formed and get more clues about particles traveling in solar radiation and how to avoid them in future space travel.

This induced phenomenon was visible in the sky for half an hour, a show that surprised many during the night.

The AZURE project does not end here, because eight more launches are planned during the next two years, with which the inhabitants of Norway will be able to enjoy more artificial northern lights.

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