A native of Brno, he took part in the massacre. “I killed 150 to 250 Jews,” he said

Tens of thousands of Jews died in the massacre in Babí Jar. After 80 years, the names of people who murdered in a gorge near Kiev came to light on Wednesday. One of them was a man born in Brno.

After 80 years, the names and testimonies of Nazis who took part in the Babi Yar massacre not far from Kiev came to light. Ukrainian monument Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center on Wednesday, he identified 159 people who murdered tens of thousands of Jews 80 years ago in one of the biggest massacres of World War II. One of the men who took part in the massacre was Viktor Trill, who was born in Brno.

“It is possible that I shot about 150 to 250 Jews that day. The whole shooting went smoothly. The Jews were reconciled to their fate,” Trill told the court in 1967. “After we arrived, we were given alcohol, he was “grog or rum. Then I saw a giant ditch that looked like a dry riverbed. There were several layers of corpses in it,” he described what the execution site looked like. According to him, the people they shot had to lie on corpses, then shot them in the back of the neck.

Trill was an electrician in Czechoslovakia, later becoming a truck driver. After the occupation in 1939, he joined the Gestapo. In 1941, he arrived in Babí Jar on the second day of the massacre. The court did not convict him in 1967, as they had not proved to him that he had a motive to take part in the massacre.

During the two days of the massacre, tens of thousands of people died in the gorge on September 29 and 30, 1941. By the end of the war, the Nazis had killed more than 100,000 people there. Hundreds of German soldiers, police and SS members took part in the massacre. With the exception of a few officers, the court did not convict most of the participants in the massacre. “Many of them returned to normal life after the war,” the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center wrote on its website.



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