A Netflix actor who has been neglected in recent years wants to pursue a career as a transgender

Tommy Dorfman played Ryan Shaver in the series I Was 13 Reasons, but he hasn’t had much of a role in the last three years. Now, in an interview with Time, she revealed that she is now living her life as a woman – writes 888.hu. He has already started a related marketing campaign.

In the interview, he talked about not feeling safe, so only after a year because to stand in public and state his transgenderness. He said he is feeling well today and is proud to take on his transgenderism.

She also clarified that she prefers to address “she,” meaning her name, “Tommy,” remains unchanged.

I am very attached to this name. I love my name, I want to keep it, I give it new life ”

– he continued. “I’m also very proud of the person I was. I think it’s important to acknowledge that. “

A non-governmental organization called GLAAD welcomed the news in a statement on Thursday, stating: Dorfman’s public announcement will inspire many young people.

Although Dorfman said he doesn’t know what roles he’s going to get after that, he can be seen in the video above, trying to make a career out of his transgenderism.

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