A network to raise awareness of social inclusion of people of determination

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

Zayed University launched an awareness network on ways to socially integrate people of determination, including 200 programs, workshops, dialogues, and cultural and artistic performances.

The Youth Inclusion Network succeeded in directing and training 41 male and female students during the summer of this year to be experts and specialists in the social integration of people of determination.

Dr. Clayton McKenzie, Vice President of Zayed University and Head of Academic Affairs, stressed that the initiative aims to attract school and university students from the age group (15-30 years), as well as attract people of determination of the same age group, and provide them with the tools and technology necessary to enable them to respond to the increasing demands to participate in the network. Integration of Emirati youth so that they can contribute to meeting the demands in the UAE and the countries of the region in the future.

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