Technology a new bank account scam

a new bank account scam

A new one phishing campaign targets subscribers of the streaming platform. Cybersecurity researchers fromArmorblox spotted and denounced this scam on Tuesday, July 28.

The scammers were doing it in an ingenious way. Emails were sent to users. They contain a message about their account Netflix, explaining that their personal data, in particular their banking data, need to be updated within 24 hours otherwise the account will be closed.

In these emails, there is a link to “update personal data”, which leads the victim to a website. This last one is a perfect copy of the official Netflix website. It first invites users to connect, allowing hackers to know their password.

Then the trapped people enter their bank details or their credit card details. Thus, hackers have recovered the bank details of many users who did not imagine for a second that they were the victims of a scam.

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