A new Berlusconi will signed in Colombia appears that would change the distribution of assets in his inheritance

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A new testament has appeared Silvio Berlusconi supposedly signed in Colombia that would change the distribution of the legacy of the former Italian prime minister, who died in June. Apparently, this will was “deposited before an Italian notary in Naples on October 3, which gives it full validity according to Italian law,” explains in a statement the lawyer Erich Grimaldi, of the Naples Bar Association, in his capacity. legal advisor and representative of the beneficiary in Colombia, Marco Di Nunzio.

The lawyer explained that he has acted in accordance with the law and has sent a notice to Berlusconi’s five children, “requesting the immediate release of the assets.”

This new will indicates that the legatee, Marco Di Nunzio, would be entitled to a part of Berlusconi’s inheritance. Specifically, he would correspond 2% of Fininvest shares26 million euros and 100% of the shares of the companies that own several villas in the Antilles and all the boats owned by the Italian magnate.

“The Colombian notarial document, signed on September 21, 2021 at the notary office of Margarita Rosa Jiménez Nájera, in the Espinal neighborhood, Colombia,” explains the lawyer, “has acquired validity for all purposes and must be considered official and included in the succession file of Silvio Berlusconi”.

But, Who is Marco Du Nunzio? A 55-year-old businessman in the naval sector who was a candidate for mayor of Sestriere (Italy) in 2010 on the list of the Bunga-Bunga movement. He tried to govern on several occasions beyond this, also as mayor of Turin or as president of the Lombardy Region, but all without success. However, in Colombia he managed to become a member of several representative bodies of the Italian community that are directly elected by Italians living abroad.

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