A new complaint against Antonio Laje shakes América TV: “He returned many days crying”

An unexpected tremor shakes America TV and, especially, the historic journalist Antonio Laje. And it is that, in the last days, testimonies came to light from people who worked alongside him and accuse mistreatment on his part. This is the case of Mai Pistiner, former member of BDA (America), who He told his followers how he lived his working relationship with the renowned driver, whom he accused of something regrettable.

Although Mai Pistiner clarified that her time at BDA (America) was a replacement for a month, during that short time she experienced a lot and it could be said that she even suffered. The journalist affirmed that she had never felt so much pressure in a work environment and let it be known between the lines that this was generated by Antonio Laje.

“It is very difficult to talk about these issues, because there are many things that are not said in the media and are known but not said, because also whoever says them later loses his job. I did not have a very strong bond with him. Because I was there for a very short time, it was a summer replacement that I did for a maximum of a month and a half. I was a little scared of him “, said the journalist.

The communicator revealed the health problems that she ended up unleashing as a result of her short time in BDA (America): “It is not that I returned home satisfied, with high self-esteem. I came back crying for many days, I ended up hospitalized with a problem in my body, because I brought all that tension to the body “.

In the same way, Mai explained that she had never had to go through something like this before: “I worked in other programs and I know that you do not experience that level of tension. Even in America, in other programs such as Guillermo Andino, neither you live that tension. It is also a matter of the personalities of the figures. After the test at BDA, going from Antonio Laje to Guillermo Andino was very good, because Guillermo Andino generated something else for me that Antonio Laje did not, because he was a man that I had more like the boss, like that distant person who, personally, generated fear in me“.

María Belén Ludueña left América TV for mistreatment and they point to Antonio Laje

Although María Belén Ludueña broke down in the cycle of Juana Viale When he touched on the subject and was able to speak very little about it, he managed to confirm that he was indeed leaving the aforementioned signal. However, when asked about his partner and driver of Good morning America live, he replied in a rather brief way: “He is a great professional, he has great ability and he taught me a lot.”

What’s more, Jorge Macri’s partner took the opportunity to thank “everyone who cared about her” after the emotional farewell to the air in America TV and did not want to provide more details on that subject. On your side, Slab sadly stated that media work “is day to day” and clarified: “There is going to be a lot of change in the channel, obviously. They asked Belén to advance the holidays, she has to do the news in January at 19 or 18 America news“, although almost instantly he was interrupted by Ludueña herself, who limited “That is not yet defined, Antonio“.

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