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A new dating app called Pair, which currently has a waitlist of 400 people, is looking to change the dating game. Instead of simply swiping to find potential mates, Pair lets you complete courses based on learning relationship skills.

Users will learn about attachment styles, love languages, core values, communication, boundaries, and more. You will be connected with another user to also review the same lessons throughout the learning process.

Pair founder and chief executive Richa Raval said the app was designed to avoid wasting time.In an interview with Metro UK, he said : “We limit the number of simultaneous active conversations a user can have and limit how long they can chat on the app before we prompt them to make a video call or an in-person date.

People are now looking for healthier relationships, not just quick fixes, so Pair may soon become the new dating platform for single couples.

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2023-05-22 16:57:00

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