A new death linked to Covid in the province of Cuneo. In Piedmont 372 cases in the latest bulletin – Targatocn.it


Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region announced 372 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 213 after antigen test), equal to 0,8% from 44.952swabs performed, of which41.206 antigenic. Of the 372 new cases the asymptomatic are 248 (66,7%).

The cases are divided as follows: 209 screenings, 118 case contacts, 45 with ongoing investigation.

The total of positive cases becomes 397.534, divided as follows on a provincial basis:

  • 32.744 Alexandria
  • 19.122 Until
  • 12.516 Biella
  • 57.051 Cuneo (+31 compared to yesterday)
  • 30.763 Novara
  • 211.797 Torino
  • 14.796 Vercelli
  • 14.158 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
  • 1.644 residents outside the region but in charge of Piedmontese health structures
  • 2.939 are under development and territorial assignment

There are 30 people admitted to intensive care (+3 compared to yesterday).

Non-ICU inpatients are 337 (+ 24compared to yesterday).

People in home isolation are 7390.

The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 9.439.755(+ 44.952compared to yesterday), of which 2.464.979 negative results.


Three decessiof positive people in the Covid-19 test, one today, were communicated by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region (please note that the cumulative updated data communicated daily also includes deaths that occurred in the previous days and only subsequently ascertained as Covid deaths).

The total therefore remains 11.867deaths tested positive for the virus, divided as follows by province:

1,593 Alexandria
436 Biella
Cuneo (+1 compared to yesterday)
951 Novara
5.669 Torino
542 Vercelli
377 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
105 residents outside the region, but died in Piedmont

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Patients become cured altogether 377.910 (+ 232 compared to yesterday), divided as follows on a provincial basis:

30.591 Alexandria
18,033 Asti
11,872 Biella
99 Cuneo (+20 compared to yesterday)
29,379 Novara
201.895 Torino
13.968 Vercelli
13.480 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
1,530 extra-region
2,563 under definition

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