A new feature alerts you to "radar" on Google Maps


Google is preparing to provide a new feature for Google Maps users, "so they can learn about radar locations and speed them up before reaching them to avoid code violations.

Google is testing a new feature that allows users to report accidental locations or radar for company use in Google Maps to alert other drivers. The feature has been added to some Android phones. Screen, according to the site "Android POLICE".

By clicking on the tag, the user can report incidents or radar. Google then collects data and creates a clear idea of ​​the nature of traffic in a particular area, but the person must use the navigation mode. Because this data is updated significantly, the new feature can alert you to mobile police radar.

It is likely that Google will rely on data provided by a group of users for a specific area and then place them on its maps to ensure that it is not just false information provided by a user, for example.

These features are already available on Google's "Wow" application, but will be the first time they will be available on Google Maps.

source: Sky News


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