A new “Hellbound” series tops the Netflix rankings

A new South Korean television production “Hellbound” seizes the world audience rate on Netflix after the phenomenal success of the series “Squid Game».

The television series “Hellbound”, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, also director of the film “Last train to Busan” (2016), dethroned “Squid Game”, the day after its release, in the Top TV Shows on Netflix ranking of November 20, streaming analytics company FlixPatrol reported.

The series “Hellbound” composed of six episodes, reached the top of audiences in 24 countries including Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Mexico and Saudi Arabia and occupies 2nd place in France, in India and Brazil then the 3rd in the United States, Canada and Turkey.

Currently, two South Korean TV productions occupy the top two spots for most viewed series on Netflix while another series has ranked 9th.

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