A new love parade, Aff Thaksorn, behind Chompoo, teases and talks to young people. The crushingly famous page has told me that the mother moves on.

It became a story to follow after Chompoo Araya slipped her mouth to tease Aff Thaksorn in the middle of the show saying There are children talking! Pat Napapha, on the other hand, did not hesitate to follow up on this matter! While the popular page reruns the old post from March. I used to tell you that the new young man’s mother is very cute!!

The beginning of this love story comes from Chompoo Araya tease Aff Thaksorn In the middle of the list after the sentence AFL says “Do you understand that being single here is stressful?” Chompoo replied that “I don’t see the need to stress. You have a kid to talk to, right?” This event made the AFL lose symptoms until the young man Kanchai asked a lot if it was true or not.

later Pat Napapha Celebrities and MCs, the hottest mothers who are close to Aff Thaksorn came out to reveal that He had followed up on this matter. At this time, the mother of Af is missing. because he went to film a movie with a young man At that time, there was a workshop with Mom Noi. Therefore, during this period, leaving the house in the morning and returning late at night. In addition, analyzing that if there is nothing, the mother of AFL will say that there is no But mother Aaf looks so bad that she can’t continue reading the script.

latest Jay Moi 108 page Share an old post that was posted in March: “If a mother has a new love, she is happy for her. Seeing a single mother raising her children for many years, she cheers. She wants her mother to move on all the time. will get out of the old cycle Today I received news that Mom has a new guy, looks very cute, very suitable. Plus the age is probably less. People like mothers have to find good love and have someone to take care of. P.S. Don’t dig into mother’s love. I want mom to be chill It’s enough to just join in the joy.”

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By also writing the latest additional message that “Do you remember this post from me? Now the news is starting to spread again. Mom quit..looks suspicious. If the guy I was talking to was actually the same person I was talking about, I would be very happy even though the new guy, my mother was younger. But the profile is great, bang, is the destination of girls. I’m very screaming, it’s han!! I saw mom follow almost every photo. but wait for mom to be ready And better come out and speak for yourself, with love.




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