A new male contraceptive tested on 400 pairs


A new male contraceptive is tested in the United States. If it proves effective, it would be a big step forward in the field, while contraception is the responsibility of women in the vast majority of cases.

From Wednesday 28 November, 400 couples from three different states are testing a gel called Nestorone, under the supervision of a non-profit association: Population Council.

This is a contraceptive gel to be applied every day on the shoulder. Contains progesterone and testosterone, which gives nestorone.

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It is a progestin that is also used in some forms of contraception like rings or dentures. This time the gel, penetrating into the skin, would eventually reach the pituitary gland or the pituitary gland.

This is ultimately responsible for sperm production, it would be less because of the gel.

However, it would be necessary to reach 16 weeks, ie four months, and apply the gel well every day so that the first results are made to feel stressed Boston Herald.

If the test of this gel is conclusive, it could be a big step forward in terms of male contraception. Men really have very few resources on this subject, condom or vasectomy in mind.

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