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China will return to another lunar journey by the end of this year through the Chang-5 probe, reports the Daily Mail.

The officials said that there would be three consecutive missions to explore the lunar surface and study the possibility of building there.

The Chinese National Space Administration intends to visit Mars next year, surpassing both Russia and the United States, as well as working on an ambitious project to build a lunar base using 3D printing.

A team of the Chang-8 project will examine the feasibility of the technology for the project and if it is feasible on the moon.

On January 3, China successfully landed on the far side of the moon, a mission seen as an important move in the Chinese space program.

Other spaceships have seen the farthest side of the moon, but no one has landed on it.

The task of the Chang-4 mission probe included low-frequency radio astronomy, surface and surface sensing, metal composition detection, neutron radiation measurement, and neutral atoms to study the environment on the far side of the moon.



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