A new test will detect the cancer within minutes – Morning.Ru


The accuracy of this analysis is surprising – up to 90%.

The University of Queensland scientists did it
a discovery that in the future can simplify the work of doctors and save nerves
to patients. Experts have created a way to diagnose
oncology in just 10 minutes.

In healthy cells, a methylation process occurs, which
contributes to the fact that the body turns off some genes, while others continue to work.
In malignant cells this mechanism is damaged: only those genes are involved,
that allow the development of oncology.

Usually DNA contains many "methyl" tags, but in
the affected cells are few and dispersed. Also, in cancer, these elements
they are modified.

Experts have used this knowledge in their research and
found that the DNA of cancer and healthy cells react differently to the metal. in
experiment time, lowered a presumably dangerous cell in pink water,
in which there were nanoparticles of gold.

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The cancerous specimen did not change the color of the fluid, while healthy DNA did
blue rose water. Scientists have noted in his article published in Nature
Communications that this test is very simple, easier than sequencing

This analysis proved to be effective in cancer cases.
mammary gland, prostate and colon, as well as lymphomas.
Now the researchers are planning to find out if their test works with other types
Oncology. After all, it will detect the disease before the onset of symptoms.

At the same time, as the MIR24 TV channel recalls, cancer is often detected with a biopsy. This is an invasive procedure
usually prescribed to patients after they have discovered a tumor.



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