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A new vulnerability in WhatsApp show your number in the Google search results. here’s how to prevent that.

Discover one of the researchers, the presence of a feature in WhatsApp and you know the phone numbers of the mobile users at risk, by allowing to Google Search indexes to find anyone, has described the situation as an error, a security know privacy of WhatsApp users at risk; it can lead to misuse and fraud.

The reason for this feature rename (Click to chat), Click to Chat, which allows users to create links to the URL, or QR codes can be used by others to access their account in WhatsApp and start a conversation immediately, without having to know a phone number or include it in your list of contacts. It is a very convenient feature, especially for anyone who uses the WhatsApp for business communication, but it make your phone number appear in the Google search results.

There is some controversy about being intentional from WhatsApp or is it just a mistake of a security, where the pull algorithms Google the phone number of the metadata Association (Click to Chat), which stimulate then in the search index Google.

How to cause this error in a threat to the privacy of the users of WhatsApp is?

He said security researcher (atoll Jayaram) Athul Jayaram Finder problem: “because of the leaked phone numbers of the individual, the attacker can send messages to these people easily, and sell their phone numbers to marketers, spammers, and scammers”.

Given that WhatsApp users by phone number – not the user names or email IDs – has shown the results of a Google search of phone numbers only, not the identities of the users.

However, he said Jayaram: “he was also able to see the profile photos of users in WhatsApp with their phone numbers, by clicking on the URL for the phone number in Google search only, so hackers can even perform reverse lookup on the image of the user’s profile hoping to gather a lot of data sufficient to determine his identity.

So the description of the researchers of security that it is considered a leak of data presents a lot of users at risk, but said all of Facebook, WhatsApp and Google that this is an expected behavior, where the situation is no different from any case to allow the site to include URLs in general.

It doesn’t matter if this part of water or a side effect of the unexpected; the problem lies in that many of the users of WhatsApp were not aware that the use of the feature (Click to Chat) will add their phone numbers to Google search results. Where many of the people trying to keep their phone numbers personal away from the internet to avoid potential security risks.

Foot researchers the security suggestions for companies three can help in keeping the phone numbers of WhatsApp safely out of the Google search results when you use this feature, but we’re still waiting for its implementation.

What you can do now to protect number WhatsApp your own?

At the current time; don’t use the feature (Click to Chat) if you don’t want to be your number appears in the Google search results.

And if you used water already, delete any links (Click to Chat) of the website available to everyone. Alternatively you can use a service like: Google Voice with Whatsapp, if you would like to continue using this feature without risking showing your phone number in the search results.


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