A penalty kick ignites the match between Baghdad Municipality and Al-Diwaniyah in the Iraqi League

Iraqi fans watched a funny scene (Karim Suhaib/Getty)

team succeeded Diwaniyahin seizing the three points, from the match that brought him together with Amanat Baghdad, within the 37th week of Iraqi League Premier League football, with a goal scored by Anas Malik Ali in the 91st minute, of the confrontation with a penalty kick, sparked a lot of controversy.

The penalty kick came, in a way that we are not used to in football fields, given that the defender’s attack on the striker was far from the ball that was outside the penalty area, but the referee did not hesitate to announce the penalty kick, although he did not watch the shot, but it seems that someone His assistants, who alerted him to her.


Khaldoun Ibrahim, the general coach of the Baghdad Municipality team, did not accept the way the referee calculated the penalty kick, as he stormed the stadium and tried to beat the arbitration staff, had it not been for the intervention of the stadium security agents, who prevented him from doing so.

It is noteworthy that the Baghdad Municipality team, nicknamed the Lions of the Capital, is in the sixteenth place, which is not worthy of the name and history of the club, and it needed the three match points, to ensure its official survival, in the Iraqi Premier League, but its stumble in front of Diwaniyah allowed it to catch up with it in the standings. , with the same number of points, 38 points, one round before the end of the league.

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