A person introduces pepper spray into balloons, explodes them during the Valladolid festival and leaves six injured

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Six people have been affected and two of them transferred to a Valladolid Hospital after inhaling the content of a self-defense aerosol, initially pepper spray, which an as-yet-unidentified person has allegedly introduced into several balloons that were blown up at the end of a festival in the Valladolid municipality of cicadashas caused respiratory damage.

The Government Sub-delegation in Valladolid has detailed that the events occurred last morning, when around half past five in the morning the performance of the orchestra contracted for the municipality’s patron saint festivities ended.

Apparently, in an annex to the scenario displayed in the main square of Cigales A person has thrown several balloons containing what may be a spray “probably pepper spray” to the ground, according to the Civil Guard, which is investigating what happened.

When these balloons exploded, six people have been affected by the inhalation of the gas and two of them have had to be evacuated to a hospital due to respiratory difficulties.

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