a personalized plate gets his full attention, “how could it have been authorized?”

The plaque might go unnoticed by people who don’t have the historical reference. Gilles, he noticed it immediately, as he reported to our colleagues at RTL. “Seeing this plate is quite shocking. Anyone with the slightest interest in history knows what it’s all about,” he says. The plate in question? “AH – 88”, a Nazi reference since it refers to Hitler (“HH” for “Heil Hitler”, “88” because the H is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

In short, the combination on a personalized plate should therefore not have passed. However, Gilles saw this plate on the roads of Brussels. “This plaque shocks us deeply (…) How did the DIV authorize such a plaque? There is no control when ordering a personalized plate? »

Contacted by Le Soir, Minister Georges Gilkinet indicated that he was shocked to see such a plate in circulation but that it is currently impossible to remove a plate already in circulation. It would take a court decision, for example following a traffic violation. For him, the work must therefore be done upstream, by expanding the list of combinations prohibited by the DIV.

Everything is not forbidden

Because, as a reminder, it is very simple to request a personalized plate. To do so, you need to go to the SPF Mobilité website. At the beginning of the year, we had fun formulating proposals for personalized license plates, to see if they would be accepted. We know, for example, that insults or slightly daring words are not allowed.

If the plate is already reserved by someone else, the site then indicates “not available”. This made it possible to make some astonishing little observations. For example, the word POLICE is not authorized (we imagine that it is to avoid any confusion with the real forces of order), but on the other hand FLIC or GENDARME is available.

There is no contraindication to displaying a commercial brand on your car. SUDINFO or COCA, for example, are available, as is MARLBORO (while tobacco advertising is prohibited). LEONIDAS or TESLA on the other hand are already taken.

We also played a few political names: BOUCHEZ is no longer available, but no problem getting DIRUPO or MAGNETTE. Swear words are prohibited? ZIZI or PUTE for example are not authorized, but TROUDUC has not been failed by the SPF Mobilité website!

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