A personnel manager for the board of Software AG

Elke Frank

The manager wants to establish a people-first culture.

(Photo: Microsoft)

DusseldorfThe boss of Software AG, Sanjay Brahmawar, continues to rebuild the company's leadership: The Tec-Dax Group is appointing a hiring manager for the first time with Elke Frank. Her portfolio includes tasks such as talent management and human resource development, but also the “cultural transformation in the context of the new strategy,” according to a statement.

Software AG has developed a new strategy for business to grow again after years of stagnation. With “Project Helix” the company wants to strengthen areas such as the networking of industry and data analysis. This leads to many changes: “Growth does not go hand in hand with convenience,” Brahmawar told Handelsblatt earlier this year.

The employees are thereby “a deciding factor”, explained the manager now. Elke Frank, 47, will help “to create a culture that we are proud of.” The manager herself said she was looking forward to “creating a 'people-first culture' in a global and high-growth environment.” The employees should be proud of their company.

Frank has experience in various management positions, such as Daimler and Microsoft, Most recently, she worked at the German Telekomwhere she led the personnel development. She has the necessary endurance for the new task: she describes herself as a passionate runner.

More: Sanjay Brahmawar has ambitious plans for the IT group from Darmstadt. The employees are facing massive changes.

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