A photo for History: Donald Trump, booked in Atlanta jail for his attempt to steal the 2020 elections

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Donald Trump, prisoner number P01135809of “1.91 meters tall, 98 kilos in weight, blue eyes and reddish hair”, according to his new police file, he turned himself in this Thursday afternoon (early Friday morning in Spain) to the authorities in the fulton County Jail, in Georgia, and was released after paying a $200,000 bail (185,000 euros) taxes by the tax Fani Willis, that he has been charged with thirteen alleged criminal offenses, among which are organization and management of an association of criminals, incitement to perjury a public office, incitement to impersonate public office, and conspiracy to commit falsification of official documents. All of those charges are related to Trump’s alleged attempted theft of the 2020 election, which he lost to Joe Biden.

It is the fourth time that Trump You have to appear in a building of the administration of justice – federal or state – of USA to be officially “arrested”, which is how the process of filing and identifying an alleged criminal is known in that country. But it has been the most dramatic occasion. Around 3 in the morning in Spain, the Fulton authorities released a photo for history: the one of the trump face before a wall with the official shield of the county security forces. has been the first time a former president is subjected to photo infamy -he mughsotor ‘photo of the criminals’- in the History of USA, since in the other three ‘arrests’ of Trump the authorities avoided making him go through that humiliation.

Trump arrive preceded by absolutely exceptional security measures, far superior to those of the procedures in Nueva York, Miami, y Washington, where he had previously been booked. He was surrounded by a huge police and security deployment, and the authorities of Fulton County, in which the city of Atlanta, They closed the highway that leads to the prison, a penitentiary center notorious for its poor conditions.

The trump delivery It comes amid a whirlwind of legal and political news about the case. Among the first, the most relevant is that Willis has decided to request that the trial be held not on March 4, as he had initially proposed, but much earlier: on October 24.

Willis’s proposal is a direct blow to the strategy of Donald Trump to postpone all processes against him as long as possible, in order to wear down the other party. That has been the ex-president’s usual modus operandi all his life, and now for a double reason: he wants the trials not to take place during the electoral campaign and he knows that, if he wins the elections, he will have the ability – at less in theory – of self-forgiveness in two of the four cases he faces.

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