A plan of a grocery store to shame buyers for using completely failed plastic bags


Your clients' shame will definitely discourage them from attending your business, right? Well, for a Vancouver grocery store, it couldn't be more wrong.

East-West market owner David Kwen has implemented a colorful way to encourage buyers to bring their own reusable bags. For those customers who have forgotten them, their food products were packed in plastic bags that read "Wart Ointment Wholesale", "Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium" or "The Colon Care Co-Op."

The idea was to shame buyers for using plastic bags and convert them into eco-friendly and reusable bags. Instead, people flocked to the grocery store, paying the penalty of five cents of plastic bags just to get their hands on the unique designs.

Clearly Kwen didn't expect his eco-effort to backfire like that.

Bags had to be a deterrent, but Kwen was not crushed by her attempts to make her customers greener.

"The key thing is that it creates conversation and that's what we really wanted to convey to the general public," he said NPR.

Now, in an attempt to satisfy customer demand and to be attentive to the environment, Kwen will print slogans on canvas bags so buyers can reuse them.

Plastic bags have become so popular, some fans from non-urban countries have even asked if the owner will make canvases available for online purchase.

One user commented "Global delivery to (Australia) please!" Another on the east coast said she would like to order some.

Vancouver does not have a total ban on plastic bags in the city and charges customers five cents per bag. Victoria, in an attempt to phase out plastic bags, charges 25 cents per plastic bag.


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