A policewoman who posted photos in a bikini while on stress leave resigned after reporting harassment from her peers

A female police officer provoked the outrage of her colleagues after posting images in a bikini on luxurious trips while on sick leave. After the episode, he wrote that he suffered “bullying and harassment” of other agents so he had to resign.

Leanne Carr, a sergeant in the Lincolnshire UK Police, had taken sick leave after suffering stress from an internal misconduct investigation.

However, for the next seven months, the woman posted images of her travels in South Africa, Cyprus and Thailand, among other countries, on her Instagram account.

It was never clear whether or not the photos of police Leanne Carr were taken while she was on leave, Photo: Instagram

But not everyone liked the photos of Leanne, whose millionaire boyfriend, Luke Westen, owns the popular sportswear brand Alutius. Some even accused the woman of “spending public funds.”

What is not clear is whether those photographs were taken or not taken exactly while the British officer was on sick leave, a fact that is not at all minor.

“What angered colleagues is that while uploading these photos of travel around the world, I should have been out of work sick,” said at the time of the event years ago a source from the Daily Mail.

And she continued remarking that she did not look stressed in the images she posted on her social networks. “” She is a superior officer and some photos are not worthy of someone in that position, “he said in an opinion that opens a bigger debate.

After the incident, the woman did not comment on the snapshots and returned to work. But last November 17 he published a photo of himself in which he appears in a uniform.

Along with this image he wrote a message to raise awareness. He mentioned very clearly and directly that it is “a real person behind the uniform, with feelings and emotions that already had enough “.

“Bullying, harassment and victimization are not okay,” Carr wrote. Photo: Instagram

“Bullying, harassment and victimization are not okay,” said Carr, who served in the security forces for 14 years.

And he concluded: “Unfortunately I had to close the door to the negativity that I suffered from my colleagues for my own sanity and for protect my own mental health“.

On the other hand, in another publication uploaded last Friday, the uniformed woman wrote: “Is it so bad to enjoy my social network and show that I am a real person? No one deserves to be treated differently or less favorably, regardless of their profession or your title within that work. “

Leanne Carr is dating a millionaire who owns a sportswear brand.  Photo: Instagram

Leanne Carr is dating a millionaire who owns a sportswear brand. Photo: Instagram

In this context, he did not hesitate to publicly denounce that some people within the police organization “exposed and tried to humiliate her publicly“.

Lincolnshire Police confirmed that Carr resigned. “We thank you for your service as a police officer,” they mentioned.


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