A position at the top of villainy.. You will not believe how the leader Adel Imam defeated his friend, the artist Samir Ghanem.. This is what happened between them, the estrangement that lasted fifty years until Samir Ghanem died.! !

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They had a strong friendship, and this relationship began in their youth, and it was a wonderful relationship
Since the beginning of the journey,

Leader Adel Imam and the late artist Samir Ghanem dreamed of crossing to the audience and achieving the dream of fame, and together they chose the comic color and completed their way in the world of acting.

Indeed, Adel Imam’s star shined through the play “I, He and She”, during which he embodied the character of Professor “Desouki” and the audience chanted about him at the time, the famous “A country of true testimonies.” Samir Ghanem and Adel Imam

At the same time, the late Samir Ghanem starred and formed the “Three Lights of the Stage” troupe, in cooperation with George Sidhom and guest Ahmed.

Samir Ghanem succeeded with the Trio of Theater Lights, and shone on the cinema screen through many successful films, and suddenly this success declined with the departure of guest Ahmed in 1970.

Samir Ghanem tried to persuade the leader to join the band and make up for the absence of “Guest Ahmed”, but he rejected the idea of ​​being a third member of the band,

He told him that he dreams of the absolute championship. Samir Ghanem was affected by Adel Imam’s rejection, but with the passage of days and years the dispute between them ceased.

Samir Ghanem participated with the leader in 7 artworks, which are “Passport on the Air, Reckless Husbands, Smart But Stupid, Soft Sex, Adventurers around the World, Rioters in the Army, and the “Hidden Worlds” series.

In May 2021, the great artist Samir Ghanem was infected with the new Corona virus, and as a result he lost the ability to breathe.

He was confined in the intensive care room, and little by little his health deteriorated, the functions of the kidneys were confused, and in a sad moment the joy maker passed away, leaving great sadness in the hearts of his loved ones.

The great star, Adel Imam, bid farewell to his old colleague in the profession, the great Egyptian artist Samir Ghanem.
imam shared,

On his official page on “Facebook”, a post said goodbye to the friend of youth and work, the Egyptian star, Samir Ghanem, who left his fans today at the age of 84, affected by his infection with the new Corona virus.

In his post, Imam wrote a very sad and touching phrase, in which he said: “Goodbye, Samir, goodbye, my love, you will miss me, oh, oh.”

Imam shared two photos that he collected with a friend of his artistic career, the first in which Imam appears with Ghanem in one of the old artworks,

Specifically, the movie “Stupid but Smart”, as for the second, in which the imam appears embracing the late star and appears on his features, a state of great affection.

Ghanem described the picture earlier in one of the television interviews, saying: “This is one of the most beautiful pictures of friendship and love in my life.”

It is noteworthy that Samir Ghanem, born January 15, 1937, is an Egyptian comedian, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, and then met George Sidhom and guest Ahmed, .

Together, they formed the famous “The Stage Lights Trio”, a comedy singing group that shined on the stage by presenting a group of comedy sketches, and then the three presented a number of successful films and plays.

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