A powerful solar storm could destroy life on Earth


A study has found evidence of three major solar storms that have hit our planet in the past. So it is estimated that these events are "recurrent natural events" and it could happen again at some time in humanity.

According to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the years 660 BC, besides 775 and 994 after Christ; There were powerful solar storms that reached Earth.

In this regard, the professor of geology at Lund University and principal author of Raimund Muscheler's study, "if that solar storm had occurred today would have had serious effects on our technological society".

At that point, he said that even if solar storms can be considered "rare"; The existence of three moments in history in which events of this nature occur allows us to think that they are "recurrent natural events". For this reason he warned that "for this very reason we must increase the protection measures of society" in this type of situation.

Similarly, he warned, according to ABC, that although it is not possible to predict when something like this might happen; "Our research suggests that at the moment we are underestimating the risks, we need to be better prepared."

What would happen on Earth?

Researchers fear that an event of this nature will cause serious effects on our planet.

In this regard, the document states that "serious interruptions of satellite technologies, high-frequency radio communications and space navigation systems could occur".

In this sense, they would damage electricity grids, air traffic and a series of elements that are in daily use by humans throughout the planet. Also, it is not known how the magnetic field surrounding the Earth will resist before such a powerful solar storm. And if it resists.

It is worth mentioning that in 1989 and 2003; in the cities of Quebec, respectively in Canada and Malmoe in Sweden. Serious solar storms have occurred that have caused strong power outages that have been considered as "local phenomena", although there are experts who believe that they can be "warnings" of what would be able to cause an event of a higher kind globally.

Scientific discovery ignites alarms: a powerful solar storm could destroy life on Earth



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