A pregnant woman is evicted from her home in China due to the superstition that "Better to lend a house to a deceased person than to a newborn"

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A pregnant woman was evicted from her home by her landlady due to a superstition rooted in some areas of China according to a newborn “steals” the luck of a house.

The affected person, who lived in Canton province (south), shared his experience on the Asian giant’s social networks, which aroused mixed reactions among Internet users.

The landlady made this decision when she found out that the tenant was five months pregnantbased on a belief that states that “Better to lend a house to a deceased person than to a newborn”the Hong Kong newspaper reports today South China Morning Post.

This belief is related to the practice of ‘feng shui’ (“wind and water” in Chinese), an ancient Eastern folk system that establishes How objects and light should be arranged in buildingsand that seeks harmony between the home and its surrounding environment.

The conviction holds that if a person dies in a house, they will leave their fortune in it, but if a baby is born in it, it will take the family’s luck with it.

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