A Preview, Bad Bunny’s new song: lyrics and video

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Bad Bunny He launched Un Preview, his new single, in the early hours of September 25 to 26 in Spain. Her video clip already exceeds 6 million views on YouTube and remains among the top positions on the platform’s music trends list.

The Puerto Rican presents a reggaeton song that is less than three minutes long. Tainy, his regular collaborator, is one of the co-producers of this work. In the credits he appears as the only composer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, real name of the singer. “Baby, I’m not afraid to try you and fall in love again. Screw you, mommy, I’ll play along. I’m crazy at the disco, I dance and kiss your neck. I’m on fire with you,” he says the chorus.

The video of Un Previewdirected by Stillzshows Bad Bunny next to a brand vehicle Rolls-Royce and a carousel horse. Other scenes show a woman on a real horse and several people dancing with their faces covered, dressed in western clothing and hats.

The star’s new single comes after some of his collaborations throughout 2023, such as Un x100to con Border Group and K-pop with Travis Scott y The Weeknd. The interpreter explained to the fans that they are part of his channel WhatsApp: “This is possibly the last topic from me this year. And it’s called Un Preview because it is a small preview of what is coming for next year.

However, Vanity Fair claims that the singer will release a new album in autumn. Although he avoids addressing the issue in his interview with the aforementioned media, he gives some clues about his sound: “I am inspired by a lot of music from the 70s.but I’m not sure how it will shape my music, if it will do it in a general way or only in one song.” In addition, he promises that his next album will not sound the same as A Summer Without You: “I’m always looking for a way to do something new.”

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