A private plane and a “room” for Suarez..disclosure of Messi’s requests to stay in Barcelona

Media reports revealed the conditions of Argentine Lionel Messi, the current Paris Saint-Germain player and the former Barcelona player, to renew his contract with the Spanish team in 2020, noting that he requested a special place for his family and Suarez’s family at the Camp Nou in addition to a private plane for him during the Christmas period.

Messi left Barcelona before the start of last season, heading to the French capital, Paris, due to “material and economic” obstacles that prevented him from staying, according to the Spanish club’s statement.

And the newspaper “El Mundo” confirmed that Messi’s conditions for renewing his contract in 2020 with then club president Bartomeu were: obtaining a contract that extends for three seasons, and 10 million euros as a reward for the renewal, in addition to the administration’s bearing of taxes.

And she continued: The Argentine star’s requests were not limited to this point, but rather he requested to obtain what was deducted from his contract during the “Corona” pandemic with an interest of 3%, and to reserve private rooms for his family and Suarez’s family in the stands of the “Camp Nou” stadium, and a private plane for his family during the Christmas period.

And she continued: Messi asked for a penalty clause in his contract that allows him to leave the club whenever he wants, and the value of it is 10 thousand euros. Bartomeu’s administration agreed to all the conditions except for the penalty clause and stipulated that it reaches 700 million euros, and that the signing bonus stops on the club’s return to its correct economic path.

Negotiations between Messi and the administration stopped after their complexity, and after the departure of Bartomeu and the beginning of the Laporta state, the latter was briefed on the terms, but eventually rejected them.

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It was then announced that Messi would leave Barcelona for economic reasons, so that the latter decided to go to Paris Saint-Germain and start a new journey there.

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