A professional at the age of 75 in the Egyptian league


Today, the Egyptian Football Association registered the largest professional player in the world during the current winter registration period, at the age of 75, and Izz al-Din Bahader, who signed for the October 6 Club in the third division clubs.

Ezz El-Din is preparing to enter the Guinness World Records, as he begins participating with his club in the matches that the representatives of the encyclopedia have invited.

Walid Al-Attar, CEO of Al-Ittihad, received in his office the player and club officials when they came to complete a feeRegistration documents.

  The world's largest professional player (2)

The Football Association delegation, which includes the trio Mohammed Fadl, Ahmed Abdullah and Hamada Zahir, will discuss with officials of the German company responsible for designing the national team shirts, the new design of the first team shirt, as well as the shirt of the Olympic team that is participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The tripartite delegation is expected to notify the company officials of the specifications of the Egyptian Olympic team shirt in Tokyo according to the tournament regulations, where the tournament regulations stipulate the ban on placing the logo of any union on the shirts of the participating teams, and in case of violation of that, penalties are imposed on the Football Association.

Officials of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association are studying honoring the technical team of the Olympic team led by Shawki Gharib after qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics and winning the African Nations Cup under-23 that Egypt hosted last November, on the sidelines of the Egyptian Super match scheduled for next February 20 in the UAE, which brings Al-Ahly as a champion. The League of the Past and Zamalek, Egypt Cup champion, have to be honored by the technical staff before the start of the match.

Mohamed Fadl, a member of the five-year committee of the Football Association, revealed that it was decided to spend 500 thousand dirhams for the first-place holder in the local super championship and 300,000 dirhams for the second-place owner during the tournament that will be held in the Emirates on February 20 between Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

At its last meeting, chaired by Amr Al-Janaini, the Egyptian Football Association’s committee approved the agreement reached by Muhammad Fadl, a member of the committee, to establish the Egyptian Super Match between the Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams, in implementation of his assignment of this file by the committee, and Fadl had gone to the UAE on January 3 A delegation from the Egyptian Football Association headed Hossam Al-Zanati, General Coordinator of the Super Match and Amr Orange, and Yousra Sharra from the Union’s Marketing Department, where the delegation made inspection visits to three stadiums, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadiums, in Al Ain City, Mohammed bin Zayed, and the Sports City of Abu Dhabi, where it was settled On the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in a meeting of Mohammed Fadl with Arif Al-Awani, Secretary General of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, who witnessed agreement on the details of the meeting that included the match at 9:00 p.m. Thursday, February 20 in the presence of 37 thousand spectators, after the summit match between the two clubs was postponed to February 24 Instead of February 19.

Izz al-Din Bahader in the Football Association
Izz al-Din Bahader in the Football Association



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